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Fresh Food for Dogs

Updated: May 27

I remember over 20 years ago when I first started feeding fresh food to my dogs. People were outraged that I would give my dogs fresh meat, fruits and vegetables. The pet food industry had done such a good job brain washing everyone that kibble was the only way to feed.

Fresh fruit is good for dogs
dog with apples

Now I am and have been a raw feeder for over 20 years and my dogs are thriving. The vets are amazed (even though most still have to warn me about the dangers of raw feeding) that their weight is always good, their teeth don't need to be cleaned and they stay healthy.

I have recently started adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to their diet. It's like an experiment. Do they like it? Will they eat it? Four of my dogs will eat almost anything I give them and the other two, not so much. (Yes I have six dogs)

There a certain things I have been giving for a long time like blueberries and red peppers (they love these). But then I saw someone feeding cucumber. Cucumber? I never thought of that. Guess what? They love cucumber. So are cucumbers good for dogs? YES! They are especially good when it hot. They help them stay hydrated, they contain 96% water. They contain trace minerals like Vitamin K, C, A and B1. These minerals can contribute to healthy skin, a shiny coat and bright eyes.

They are also good for their digestive system because they are packed with fiber and they are low in calories.

A few things to remember when feeding fresh cucumbers to dogs. First be sure to wash and peal them. If your dog has a sensitive stomach remove the seeds.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be served in small portions. In the wild dogs would get their fruits and vegetables from eating them partially digested from the stomach of their prey. So these foods were already predigested. Dogs lack the digestive enzyme cellulase. They cannot break down the plant fiber. It helps to give a sprinkle of a probiotic for cellulase or you can help by lightly cooking and chopping their vegis for them.

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