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Four Balanced Paws

Holistic Wellness for Your Pet

At Four Balanced Paws I strive to provide holistic pet care that is tailored to each pet's individual needs. I am a pet professional offering a wide range of services including reiki for animals and their people, dog massage, cold laser therapy, aromatherapy, and more. My goal is to ensure that your beloved pet is living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Energy Therapy

The energy techniques I use are Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals and Vibrational Therapy, using tuning forks.  

  1. Reiki: Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  For people I will gently place my hands on or slightly off the body, helping to balance the body's energy and promote physical and emotional well-being.  For animals  sessions there is no touching unless initiated by the animal.

  2. Healing Touch for Animals:  This is a holistic approach to animal healthcare that involves gentle touch and energy techniques. It aims to promote healing, reduce pain and anxiety, and improve overall well-being in animals.

  3. Vibrational Therapy with Tuning Forks: Vibrational therapy involves using tuning forks to apply sound and vibration to the body. The frequencies produced by the tuning forks can help balance energy, relieve tension, and promote relaxation in both humans and animals.

These therapies are often considered complementary because they work in harmony with conventional medical treatments. Many animals & people find them helpful in managing anxiety, pain, reducing stress, and enhancing the body's natural healing abilities. 

Distance reiki sessions  are recommended for animals with trauma, wild animals, animals that are too fragile to be touched.  I find most animals enjoy the distance sessions.


In person sessions are available for pets and their people in Upstate SC.  Distance sessions are available worldwide.

Canine Massage & Cold Laser Therapy

Canine Massage and Cold Laser Therapies can also help to reduce stress and anxiety in pets.  Massage sessions are tailored to the needs of your dog:  general relaxation, sport/rehabilitation, palliative, hospice or oncological. 


Massage can reduce stress and anxiety, improve circulation, support gastrointestinal issues,  improve mobility, reduce soreness, alleviates age related disorders, improve performance in sporting and working dogs, aids in pain management, supports orthopedic conditions. 

Cold laser/red light therapy help by decreasing inflammation and pain.  

Services are provided as complimentary to your pet's regular veterinary care and should not be construed as a substitute. If your pet is showing signs of physical or emotional distress please consult with your veterinary professional

dog after reiki session

Travel Charges:

Add $10 to any in person services in Pickens or Spartanburg Counties

Rescues, Sanctuaries, Shelters:

Do you work, volunteer or foster for one of these groups?  I offer free services to these organizations, contact me for more information.


Services are provided as complimentary to your pet's regular veterinary care and should not be construed as a substitute. If your pet is showing signs of physical or emotional distress please consult with your veterinary professional

Bridet S.

Suzanne helped my yellow lab with his arthritis and him back to moving and feeling much better.  She comes to the house& has a natural way with dogs.  She has also done reiki with my new rescue and that helped her calm down. 

Holly K.

Suzanne helped immensely in the healing process of my dog who was struggling with IVDD.  She did reiki and massage on him and the results were very positive.  She has a gift of connection with the dogs and is able to work along with the dog in healing. 

Lenora K.

I am so grateful for Suzanne.  She is able to come to the house, which is really helpful since I don't want my Little dog, Toby to move around too much since he may have IVDD.
After his first sessions he was a little better, then after his second session he was a lot better.

It All Started With A Dog

Animal Reiki, Canine Massage, Cold Laser Therapy and More

Dogs love the power of touch

My journey to become a holistic practitioner started in 2013 when my boy Walter was diagnosed with prostate cancer and given six months to live, a diagnosis of traditional medicine. Of course that is  something  no one wants to hear.  With the help of my vet, who was an integrative vet, she was a vet that used traditional Western medicine but who was also open to use Traditional Chinese Medicine, including herbs, acupuncture, massage.  That year I became a Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner.  I believe these alternative practices allowed him to be comfortable and thrive over the next 4 years. By releasing muscular tension, supporting his body with herbs and good food, opening the energy pathways his body was able to support itself much longer than anyone thought. 

I thank Walter for sending me on this path.

                                              Certified Canine Massage Therapist                 2016

                                              Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner           2016

                                              Reiki Master                                                             2019 

                                              Canine Cold Laser Therapist                                2021

                                              Canine Cranioscaral Therapist                             2021

                                              Canine Herbalism with Rita Hogan                   2021

                                              Let Animals Lead®Reiki Method                        2022 

                                              Response 5 Therapy                                                2023


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