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Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Massage, Cold Laser

Summer is upon us and with the warm weather we are all ready to get outside and have some fun. My crew love walks and hiking but be aware of the temperature and overheating. Your dog releases excess heat through the pads of their paws and panting. If your dog is overheating their tongue will hang out the side of their mouth, their tongue and gums will become bright red, they may drool or start salivating or want to lay down. If this happens find some shade and let them rest, provide cool water, DO NOT put water over their backs as this could trap the heat in their body, it is better to put their paws in the cool water. And don't forget the pavement can get hot and burn their paws.

Running is a fun sport for people and their pets. Be sure to do your running when it's cooler in the morning and evening. Puppies should not be run, especially large breed dogs. It is best to consult with your veterinarian.

What about swimming? Some dogs love to swim, others not so much. Not all dogs know how to swim, be sure to keep an eye on your dog the first time in the water. A friend of mine threw her Pitty in the pool, he sunk and they had to rescue him. If your dog is swimming in a pool be sure they know how to get out. Be with them, take it slow, teach them how to use the stairs. Be aware of how long your dog is in the water especially if its open water like a lake. Some dogs love the water so much they won't come out and could potentially get so tired they could drown.

And don't forget your dog maybe a weekend warrior and will need to warm up and cool down just like you. Going from 0-60 could cause sore or painful muscles. So start slow and don't forget to give them a little massage at the end of the exercise. This will help their bodies recover and avoid any excess aches and pains or injury.

If you need I can provide massage and cold laser for any of the pups who have overdone their summer fun. I offer a discount in my pricing plans when you buy four services.

Have a great summer.

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