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Cold Laser vs Red Light

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

So what is the difference between laser and red light therapy? In many ways they are similar having the same sort of effects on the body, reducing inflammation and pain, helping with hair growth and skin issues. The main difference is the power of each light. Red light therapy uses LED lights which spread the light out and become weaker as it moves to the source. The laser has a pinpoint focus so you get the full concentration of light on the area you are treating.

I use 3 different lights in my practice. I have a red light pad. This pad works great for covering a larger area. Say an older dogs has with arteritis or a dog with a skin issue. By using the pad I can cover a much larger area in a shorter time. Animals enjoy the pad as it also gives off a little heat which can be soothing on achy joints and hip. I used the pad on our foster dog Xena for her skin condition.

Xena came to use with a skin issues created by flea bites and long term neglect. Her hair was gone from parts of her body, along her back and on her legs. The skin will become oily when this happens to protect the skin and she was covered with bumps. After using the red light with her for a few weeks the blackness of the skin decreased, the bumps started to go away her hair began to grow back. I also noted that after a treatment she was much less itchy and more relaxed.

I also use a red light pen. This is a small handheld device that works great when I work with acupressure points. The light works as effectively as putting pressure on the points. It can also be used to work on a small area at a time. Smaller dogs tend to be less intimidated by smaller light also.

The cold laser I use for specific areas of discomfort especially along the back hips and legs. The nice thing about the cold laser is that treating a specific spot will take half the time but I would have to treat multiple spots. Laser are also good for speeding up the healing time of broken bones.

Would your pet benefit from some light therapy? Set up your free consultation today.

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