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How Can Animal Reiki Help?

What does

How can Animal Reiki Help? Reiki can help in many ways and here is one. Ask Jenna. Jenna was an owner surrender at Animal Care. Totally terrified in an overcrowded shelter her odds of getting out were small. Luckily a rescue stepped up and someone offered to foster.

After having her for a week hr foster mom reached out to me with the story of a terrified dog who wouldn’t walk through a doorway, didn’t want to go outside or potty, she could not be handled without a muzzle.

I did our first animal reiki session in person, during that session she was on the sofa next to foster mom, she moved closer and asked for contact, first time. See first photo. We continued with 4 more distance sessions 4 days in a row. Well, look who can play now. Way to go Jenna and foster mom.

Reiki can help an animal from emotional, mental, emotional and physical ailments. Reiki is gentle and non invasive.

If you would like to know more about how reiki can help your pet? Phone and video consultation are free, call today.

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