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One of my first clients 6 years ago was a 16 year old tripawed dog named Shiva. Amazingly Shiva became tripawed at the

age of 15 and had adjusted incredibly well to getting around on 3 legs. After a year his mom noticed that when he would stand he looked like the letter "C", he was curving the front of his body to the rear of his body.

I started with his massage sessions on a weekly basis. He would always come running, yes running, to me when I got there and onto his bed for his massage. Having only three legs created a lot of str

s on the rest of his body, having to compensate for something even as simple as standing. By releasing his facial tension and working on the muscles that were taking up the slack he was able

to relax. His mom said after our sessions he would not look like a "C" and was much more relaxed and slept better.

If you have a tripawed dog or your pet suffers from other types of skeletal issues such as:

  • degenerative joint issues

  • CCL injuries

  • elbow or hip dysplasia

  • Spondylosis

  • Luxating Patela

  • IVDD

  • Strains or Sprains

  • Arthritis

Massage can be a great addition to your veterinarians care.

If your pet has any of these issues or something that is creating pain or restricting their mobility call today to schedule and appointment or free consultation.

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