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Summer Reiki Dogs

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

These are some of the dogs that had reiki sessions with me over the summer. These cuties came with a variety of issues from physical to emotional to spiritual.

Maya came after her chemo sessions. Her mom said she did much better if she had reiki after chemo. Kylie has had massage and laser sessions but her mom wanted her to have a reiki session. See Kylie is getting older, 14, and is starting to have issues with aging, including anxiety which affected her breathing. After her reiki session we could see the results right away, her breathing was easier, she was more relaxed and the results have lasted.

Toby and Jamie were both seeing a chiropractor and receiving massage and cold laser from me. Both of owners reached out to me to do a distance reiki session because their symptoms had come back suddenly. With both of them we scheduled 4 sessions on consecutive days by the end of the 4th day all symptoms had resolved.

Gris and Harley were both having emotional issues. Harley was living with his family and four other dogs. The newest dog to the family was bullying Harley and she didn't know how to cope. She was also afraid of the baby gate, she would not walk near it or go past it and she had thunderstorm phobias. After her first sessions her owner saw improvement with how Harley was dealing with the bully, by the third treatment she was walking over the baby gate if it was knocked down, by the fourth treatment she was doing better with thunderstorms. (Somethings just take more time)

Gris is a rescue dog who is currently living with his foster family. Gris came from living outside in the country to living in an urban environment with all kinds of new sounds and ways of living. He would lay on his bed all day and have to be led outside to do his business. I did an in person session with him and could sense his fear was strong. The next day he had to go on a long care ride so his owner asked if I could send a distance session to him. When I tuned into him my chest got so tight I could hardly breath. I knew he was terrified and started to send him calming positive energy and concentrated on slowing my breath. After a few minutes I could feel things lighten up. When I spoke to the foster mom later she said she had to make a stop and it totally freaked Gris out and that it was the exact time that I had tuned into him. She said he was much calmer after I sent reiki.

Over the summer I also helped families whose pets were ready to cross Rainbow Bridge. Reiki is great support for the animals crossing and the to help the family with the grief of losing their dear friends.

If you feel Reiki can help you or your animals please give me a call, schedule a complimentary Zoom consultation or send an email or text. I am happy to talk with you about any of the therapies that I use.

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